250 — Film History     CREDIT 0.25 

Students will explore a history of film media from silent movies to extravaganza to current techno-animation. 


251 — Creative Writing     CREDIT 0.25

Students will write and create poetry, short fiction, and short dramatic works. 


255 — Literature and Sports     CREDIT 0.25 

In this course, students will read and analyze the value of sports writing, fiction and non-fiction, as a literary genre. Both female and male authors and sports figures will be featured. 


270 — Yearbook Lab     CREDIT 0.25 

This course gives students the opportunity to help design and contribute to the creation of the school’s yearbook. Students do not have to be enrolled in the Journalism/Publishing course to participate. 




361 — Survey of Hispanic Heritage     CREDIT 0.25 

This is an elective course for juniors and seniors who are interested in exploring the rich culture of the Hispanic world. This course will discuss the history, culture and heritage of selected Spanish-speaking countries through a series of videos, presentations and projects. Students will take an active role in celebrating the country’s heritage. Students do NOT need to be currently taking a language nor do they need to have taken Spanish. 


371 — Those Strange German Ways     CREDIT 0.25 

This is a course about the economic superstar in today’s Europe…Germany. Students will survey the art, culture, society, economy, sport, government, and religion of German speaking lands (including Austria, Germany and parts of Switzerland) since World War II. This course is taught in English. Students will study works of literature, music and film. 




461 — Introduction to Engineering     CREDIT 0.25 

This course provides a comprehensive introduction to the engineering profession. It will expose students to the design process, research and analysis, engineering standards and technical documentation. It gives students the opportunity to develop skills and understanding of course concepts through project and problem based learning. Various case studies will be explored and discussed. 34 


515 — American Sign Language     CREDIT 0.25 

Learn the fundamentals – and the fun of – “signing” to communicate with the hearing impaired to the profoundly deaf. 


555 — Introduction to Forensic Chemistry     CREDIT 0.25 

This course provides an introduction to the application of chemistry to criminal investigations. It is an opportunity to learn some fundamental principles of chemistry and biochemistry as they are applied to the examination of physical evidence from crime scenes. Case studies will be presented which reflect the application of particular forensic techniques. Pre-requisite: 80% average in H or CP Chemistry. 


556 — Science in Motion Pictures     CREDIT 0.25 

Science fiction has always been a staple of motion pictures. It can be described as a branch of movies in which scientific discoveries and developments form elements of a plot. It is based on future prediction of scientific possibilities, some of which have become facts. This class will use the excitement and fun atmosphere of the science fiction movies to teach 10 different disciplines in science. Lessons in the class are designed to help students translate science fiction into science fact. Students are instructed to use science as a vehicle for comprehension of humankind and the world in general. 


560 — Science Olympiad     CREDIT 0.25 

This course is open to all students who are members of the Science Olympiad club. This class provides additional time and teacher support for the development of the Science Olympiad project. 




771 — Personal Computer Applications     CREDIT 0.25 

This course is a laboratory-based class designed to introduce students to Windows-based word processing, spreadsheet, PowerPoint, and Internet search activities applicable to their academic program at Central Catholic. 




810 — Music Appreciation     CREDIT 0.25 

This course is a minor requirement for sophomore students. It presents select topics of art appreciation and music appreciation. 


815 — Fine Arts     CREDIT 0.25 

This course presents select visual arts topics and projects.


816 — Crafts of Many Cultures     CREDIT 0.25 

This course will allow explore the art of other cultures around the globe. Students will use a variety of materials to create unique art that is associated with different countries and time periods. 


820 — Art Studio     CREDIT 0.25 

A minor elective, this course presents selective studio experiences, allowing students to complement their major art course work. Pre-requisite: Current enrollment in Art 1 or Art 2-Studio or departmental approval. 


829 — Art Portfolio     CREDIT 0.25 

This course gives students the opportunity to construct a portfolio under the guidance of the art teacher who helps the student select works of art that will help them gain entry into the college of their choice. 


836 — Debate and Public Speaking     CREDIT 0.25 

Students learn and practice public speaking techniques and principles. They also present many different types of speeches, including debate. Class includes writing, researching and presenting topics to classmates. 


840 — Songwriting     CREDIT 0.25 

This course is perfect for beginners and advanced musicians alike. Students will receive the tools needed, and learn how to utilize them in an applicable method. Singers, instrumentalists and polka rockers will learn to create their own music for the first time or hone their existing songwriting skills. 


842 — World Music and Philosophy     CREDIT 0.25 

This course will focus on Eastern and Western sacred and secular music, the religions that influence them, and how their teachings relate to Catholicism. From Hinduism and Indian Ragas, to African tribal dogmas and drum circles, students will look at music and themselves on a deeper level. 


871 — Introduction to Photoshop     CREDIT 0.25 

Photoshop is the leading digital image editing application for the Internet, print and other new media disciplines. This class will examine and work with the main features of the program so that students will feel confident in exploring the remaining features on their own. 


899 — CompTIA A+ (Fundamentals Computer & Networking)     CREDIT 0.25 

This course covers the fundamentals of computer technology, installation and configuration of PCs, laptops and related hardware, and basic networking. 


900 — Independent Study 36


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