814  Art 1 – Studio     1 CREDIT LEVEL 3 

This course is a first year, major class in Art, which will present drawing, painting, and design projects. Students considering this course should possess fundamental artistic skills. 

Pre-requisite: Students must submit an example of their work for Departmental Approval


824 — Art 2 – Studio     1 CREDIT LEVEL 3 

This course is a continuation of Art 1 –Studio with more emphasis on self-expression and interpretation of various projects. 

Pre-requisite: Art 1-Studio and Departmental Approval 


860 — Journalism 1/Publishing     1 CREDIT LEVEL 3 

This course will prepare students to 1) publish the school yearbook and 2) participate in journalism writing/blogging. In creating the yearbook, students will work with an editing team in which they will be responsible for creating assigned pages. Students will participate in workshops and acquire hands-on experience with publishing programs. Students will also write extensively while becoming familiar with current principles of journalism/blogging. Students considering this course should possess strong writing and grammar skills; students should be able to work well with others and handle the pressure of deadlines. Related topics including history of American media, interviewing, journalistic styles, basic design and layout, photography and captioning will be covered based on the students’ interests and input. Departmental approval required. 


865 — Journalism 2/Publishing     1 CREDIT LEVEL 3 

This course will prepare experienced Journalism students to supervise design, editing, and publication of the school yearbook and blog. Extensive writing, editing, and hands-on experiences with publishing programs are supplemented through workshops. Students will build upon skills learned in Journalism 1. Students considering this course need to exemplify leadership skills; students will be responsible for yearbook staff groups and blog editing groups. Students will be responsible for evaluating staff members’ participation and efforts. Related topics including advertisement and marketing will be covered and implemented during the creation of the yearbook. Students must be willing to work outside of class time. 

Pre-requisite: Successful completion of Journalism 1 and Departmental approval


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