412 — H Algebra 1     1 CREDIT LEVEL 2 

This is a modern mathematics program, which emphasizes the structure of algebra. Continual use is made of the real numbers: algebraic proof and analysis are introduced. Exercises in computation and problem solving are divided into levels of increasing difficulty. Concepts included in the course are: equalities, inequalities, linear and quadratic equations, rational expressions and equations, and irrational numbers. 

Pre-requisite: Departmental Approval 


414 — CP Algebra 1     1 CREDIT LEVEL 3 

This course develops the operations of the real number system, including background and usage of operations of monomials and polynomials in equations, expressions and practical problems. A strong background in factoring polynomials and working with algebraic fractions is developed by discovery in order to insure retention. Also included is an introduction to equations in two unknowns and graphing. 


422 — H Geometry     1 CREDIT LEVEL 2 

Honors Geometry enables a student to see the relationships between geometric figures using deductive reasoning. It develops a logical mathematical system using definitions, assumptions, properties, and theorems. This is done through the use of rigorous logical proofs. The accelerated content of this course also includes coordinate geometry, transformational geometry, solid geometry, and introduction to trigonometry. Pre-requisite: Algebra 1 and Departmental Approval 


423 — CP Geometry     1 CREDIT LEVEL 3 

This course is a study of the basic concepts of geometry, including parallel lines, triangles, quadrilaterals, circles, and area. Extensive work is done on proof writing. 

Pre-requisite: Algebra 1


430 — H Trigonometry/ Selected Math Topics     1 CREDIT LEVEL 2 

Trigonometry is based on triangular definitions augmented by circular definitions for functional graphing. Stress is placed upon applications and analysis. Students will be required to understand all concepts and their derivation, and individually prove the same. The Topics section of the course (second semester) is an introduction to Discrete Mathematics. Topics to be investigated include Matrix Algebra, Determinants, and Combinations Pre-requisite: H Algebra 2


432 — H Algebra 2     1 CREDIT LEVEL 2 

This course presents an intensive program in modern mathematics which emphasizes the structure of the complex number system. Stress is placed upon analysis, algebraic proofs, and the need for precision language. Students will undertake an in-depth study of linear and quadratic functions. 

Pre-requisite: H Geometry and/or Department Approval 


433 — CP Algebra 2     1 CREDIT LEVEL 3 

Algebra 2 is a study in modern mathematics evolving from the structure of the real number system and proceeding to complex numbers. Stress is placed upon the concept of a function and its importance in mathematics. 

Pre-requisite: Geometry 


440 — AP Calculus     1 CREDIT LEVEL 1 

This course is geared towards the advanced student who will be taking higher level mathematics courses in college. Students who are contemplating specialized fields in engineering, science and mathematics would highly benefit from this course. It is a comprehensive study of the theory, derivations and applications of Differential and Integral Calculus. Topics include but are not limited to: limits, derivatives, related rates, differentials, extrema, indefinite and definite integrals, area under a curve, and volume of revolution. All students taking this course must take the Advanced Placement AB Calculus exam in May. The course has a required summer requirement.

Pre-requisite: Introduction to Calculus and Departmental Approval 


441 — H Calculus     1 CREDIT LEVEL 2 

This course is an in-depth review of Introductory Calculus topics including functional analysis, conic sections and logarithms. Differential Calculus is introduced stressing the understanding of a limit as the definition of a derivative, as well as differential formulas and applications. 

Pre-requisite: Introduction to Calculus and Department Approval


442 — H Introduction to Calculus     1 CREDIT LEVEL 2 

A course designed to develop the skills necessary for success in higher mathematics. Emphasis is placed on functional analysis and various methods of analytical graphing. Additional topics include rational functions, transcendental functions, conic sections, and polynomial analysis.
Real-world applications will be emphasized.

Pre-requisite: Departmental Approval and H Algebra 2 or Functional Analysis 


443 — CP Functional Analysis     1 CREDIT LEVEL 3 

The first semester of this course is an analysis of various types of equations in functional notation, with emphasis on graphing techniques and finding roots, both real and imaginary. In the second semester, the six trigonometric functions are related to the unit circle. The functions are derived from previously learned algebraic and geometric concepts.

Pre-requisite: Algebra 2 


445 — CP Algebra III     1 CREDIT LEVEL 4 

CP Algebra III is a continuation of algebraic study designed to prepare students for COLLEGE algebra. Emphasis is placed on reinforcing solving linear systems of equations and inequalities, factoring techniques and solutions to elementary functions and their graphs. Trigonometry is introduced at a non-analytical level. Focus is on the relationship between the sides and angles of a right triangle and their applications.

Pre-requisite: CP Algebra II


446 — CP Precalculus     1 CREDIT LEVEL 3 

This course will continue with topics in Trigonometry (graphing, identities and equations). It will also cover Exponential and Logarithmic Functions, Polar Coordinates and Vectors, Analytic Geometry (Conic Sections), Systems of Equations and Inequalities (linear and non-linear), Sequences, and Probability. 

Pre-requisite: CP Functional Analysis


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