COVID-19 Flexible Instruction Days at ACCHS

Information for Parents and Students

School cancellations due to inclement weather disrupt continuity of instruction for students and teachers and threaten the completion of curricular goals within the structure of a school’s yearly schedule. Flexible instructional days (a.k.a. “cyber days”) on which students are required to work and

learn from home could prove effective by giving students the information and directives they need to continue to move forward academically regardless of weather conditions or other issues that may prevent them from being able to be present in the school building.


At Allentown Central Catholic High School we feel that Flexible Instruction Days can support our school in cases when circumstances (e.g.: a hazardous weather condition, a disease epidemic, a law enforcement emergency, damage to the school building, or a temporary circumstance rendering part of the building unfit for use) prevent the delivery of instruction in its customary manner or location.


Teachers will post all classwork to their Sapphire class pages, so students should check daily. Technical Support will be available for teachers and students. For any technical issues that may arise, students should first email their teacher to make them aware of the situation and see if there is anything that the teacher can do to resolve the issue (e.g.: update Google sharing permissions, etc.). If the issue cannot be

resolved, students should email


Guidelines for Students

  • Any correspondence with a teacher should take place in Sapphire, or via your ACCHS-assigned email.

  • Teachers will respond to morning communications from students by 11:00 A.M. and afternoon communications from students by 3:00 P.M.

  • Any correspondence sent to a teacher after 3:00 P.M. may not be addressed until the following day. This is at the discretion of the teacher.

  • Don’t wait. Do the work early.

  • If you experience technical problems, email your teacher first. This will make them aware of the situation and if there is anything that your teacher can do to resolve the issue (e.g.: update Google sharing permissions, etc.). If the issue cannot be resolved, students should email