It is important to take care of yourself every day, but especially during times of stress.

With our normal school routine being disrupted and daily life changing, here are a few ideas of how to keep yourself healthy and happy.  


  1.  Make a schedule for your daily activities.

  2.  Keep a consistent routine to get your items and assignments done. 

  3.  Connect virtually with friends, family, and teachers to avoid feeling isolated.

  4.  Adhere to social distancing and hand washing to stay safe and well.

  5.  Stay healthy- eat well, sleep enough, and get some fresh air. Do something fun!

  6.  If you are feeling: 

    • worried or concerned about your classwork/grades/jobs,  

    • tired of being at home by yourself without your friends, or

    • annoyed by your family constantly being around you:

      • Take some deep breaths (literally)

      • Talk to someone you trust for support (even your pet).

      • Change activities- go for a walk, watch a funny YouTube video, read a good book, or exercise.

      • Eat a few cookies.

  7. Limit your viewing of news media. Too much information can be overwhelming.

  8. Acknowledge your feelings of sadness, anger, fear, or disappointment about the world around you, and then be mindful of the joy which is present in your life. Be grateful for those blessings.

  9. Be positive! Attitude is everything, so make yours a helpful one. Together we can get through these uncertain times.

  10. Keep your faith. God is with us on this crazy journey. Don't forget to pray.


If you need help or someone to talk to about what is happening in your life, email Mrs. Perun at

I am happy to be there for YOU. I miss seeing the Viking Nation in action. Take care Vikes!