The Social Studies Department offers a comprehensive program with electives in Honors and Advanced Placement. All course selections are subject to teacher and departmental approval. The Department reserves the right to limit certain courses to seniors only or to withdraw an elective course if student response requires such action. All AP and Honors courses are offered to students based on past performance, test scores, and teacher recommendation. 


612 — H World Studies     1 CREDIT LEVEL 2 

614 — CP World Studies     1 CREDIT LEVEL 3 

This course is a study of western and non-western civilizations beginning with the Renaissance. Emphasis is placed on the geographical, political, economic, and social history of Europe and Africa. The Honors Program includes the same content core with emphasis on development of independent research skills, written communication skills, and primary source reading skills. 


622 — H American Studies     1 CREDIT LEVEL 2 

This course is a study of American history from the Age of Exploration to the Progressive Era. Political, economic, and social aspects of American history will be explored in order to relate past events to current trends in America. This course will continue the development of independent research skills and written communication skills.

Pre-requisite: A minimum average of 92% CP World Studies or 88% in HRS World Studies and a minimum of 90% in H English 1. 


624 — CP American Studies     1 CREDIT LEVEL 3 

This course continues the study of American history from the Progressive Era to the present. Political, economic, and social aspects will be explored, relating past events to current issues in America. 


630 — AP United States History     1 CREDIT LEVEL 1 

The AP program in United States History is designed to provide students with the analytical skills and factual knowledge necessary to deal critically with the problems and materials in United States history. It is a study of those political, social, economic, and cultural forces which have molded our nation from colonial times until the present. Students who take this course are required to take the AP exam in May. 

Pre-requisite: A minimum average of 90% in H English 2 and a minimum average of 92% in H American Studies. 


632 — H Modern America     1 CREDIT LEVEL 2 

This course, the second of a two-year U.S. history sequence, begins with the Progressive Era and proceeds to present day events. Students will study the nation’s transformation into a global power and the impact of this change on the political, economic, and social development of our nation. Activities and projects will focus on critical thinking skills and independent research skills designed to challenge the capabilities of these students. 

Pre-requisite: A minimum average of 90% or H English 2 and a minimum average of 92% in CP American Studies or 88% in Honors American Studies. 


640 — AP American Government and Politics     1 CREDIT LEVEL 1 

Seniors only. This college level course is an in-depth study of political processes and governmental institutions. Individual research projects, primary source reading and critical analysis are stressed. Students taking this course are required to take the AP examination in May. 

Pre-requisite: A minimum average of 85% in AP 3 or 93% in H English 3 and a minimum average of 92% in H Modern America or 88% in AP

US History.


642 — H American Government/Economics     1 CREDIT LEVEL 2 

644 — CP American Government/Economics     1 CREDIT LEVEL 3 

Required Senior Course. This course consists of one semester of American Government, which explores the basic structures of national and state government as well as citizenship skills. An introductory study of economics and its practical application will be the focus of the second semester. The Honors Program will use supplemental readings and activities to foster class discussion and critical thinking skills. 

Honors Pre-requisite: H Modern America or AP US History. 


651 — CP Psychology     1 CREDIT LEVEL 3 

This course is an introduction to psychology as a growing field that attempts to understand human behavior. The course acquaints students with major topics and theories of general psychology. It encourages students to rate various theories and concepts to their own perception of society and themselves. 


652 — CP Legal Issues/Criminal Justice     1 CREDIT LEVEL 3 

This introductory course will focus on the study of constitutional rights, legal processes, and the American Justice System. Utilizing recent court cases, students will explore the nature of crime, legal procedures, and the role of law enforcement in society. 


653 — CP Modern US Social History     1 CREDIT LEVEL 3 

This course will examine the development of the United States since World War II into a political, economic, and cultural superpower. Detailed consideration of the Cold War, civil rights, the women’s movement, the 1960’s counterculture, the Vietnam War, and trends in music and film will be examined and evaluated. 


All Government Courses must be taken in the SENIOR YEAR. 



OPEN TO SENIORS ONLY: The course provides students with the opportunity for in-depth learning of a self-selected career pathway, involving out-of-class research and development. The students will shadow a professional and explore the responsibilities and education needed for entry in to a certain filed. The student must be able to work independently and prepared to accept responsibility in a workplace environment. Students can choose to complete the internship in one semester and enroll in a VHS semester course for the second semester. The student may also choose to work on the internship for a full school year. Other requirements include but are not limited to a research paper, presentation, and reflective journal. Depending on the selected career experience,. For more information, students and parents who are interested can contact the Director of Studies (


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