This new learning format may cause a change for your household and change can be difficult. It will be extremely important to establish structure and routine in the upcoming weeks. Structured learning will contribute toward attaining a routine for your student. We know how
hard it is to maintain a sense of discipline when schedules change. Therefore, it will be important to establish that structure as soon as possible.
Some guidelines that we recommend include:
  • Identify a specific space for each student in your household that could become the study space.
    It is beneficial to make this space different from a bedroom or other location with distractions.
  • Develop a structured schedule for school work (such as mornings from 8-11am and afternoons from 1-3pm).
    This structure will begin to form a routine. 
  • Eliminate other distractions, such as cell phones and television, from the environment.
  • Take a few moments at the beginning of each week to help your student get a feel for the week’s assignments.
    This is a new skill.
     Students are not used to looking at a large batch of learning activities at one time and then developing
    a plan to complete work with a series of smaller tasks. This is an important life skill and will get easier.
  • Ensure some study breaks and exercise during the day. 
    The balance of mind and body will be especially important given the stress and anxiety of the current environment.
  • Reinforce the importance of consistent sleep patterns. 
    Avoid summer mode, when some students stay upvery late and then sleep until noon, to help with productivity and work ethic.
  • Reach out with questions. We want students and parents to ask for help or direction if they need it. 
    All ACCHS teachers and staff are available via email during the school day — refer to the
    Staff Directory for contact information.
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