Summer Options for Enrichment Courses:

Please ensure that the Director of Studies, Karen Rolston ( has approved any summer course not being taught by an
ACCHS teacher if it will affect the student’s schedule for next year.


Offered by ACCHS:

  • Honors Trigonometry
    On-line: 6-week course, students earn .5 credit- replaces full credit H Trig and Topics.


  • Modern US History
    On-Line: 3-week survey course-allows students who chose not take Honors Modern America or AP United States History to enroll in
    Honors Government and Economics as a senior.


Alternative Options:



Students may also want to look into options at local community or their home school district.
Courses should not be credit recovery classes.

US. History Summer Course

Unfortunately, some honors students are unable to fit Modern US History or AP US History into their schedules junior year. In order to enroll in ACCHS’s Honors Government and Economics course you should have met the criteria to take Honors Modern History or AP United States History in your junior year and chose not to. We feel It is important that students have some knowledge of 20th century history to take an honors Government and Politics course as a senior. ACCHS offers an on-line course but students can explore other options. Some of these options are listed hereWe do ask that if you choose to take a class outside of ACCHS you get approval from the studies office to ensure it meets the requirements needed to move into Honors Government and Economics or AP Government and Politics.


In order to take AP Government and Politics, you must have been eligible for AP US History and take a full credit Modern US History or American History Part II course. Options can be found here


The ACCHS Modern US history course is fully on-line and has 3 units which were designed to be completed in three weeks. Students are given a 4-week period to complete the assignments. The four weeks run from Monday, June 15 to Friday, July 10.  Much of the work required can be completed independently and students can work at their own pace. However, we would like some interaction and discussion among the students participating so you need to log on at least 3x in 3 weeks and participate in 3 weekly discussions. At least one of these discussions will be live through zoom.


The following topics are covered.

  • Unit One: The Great Depression 

  • Unit Two: WWII and the Cold War 

  • Unit Three: The 1950s and Beyond

Students who complete the course with a grade of 85 or above are eligible for the Honors Government and Economics course.


Students will utilize Google Classroom to complete assignments. 

Students should click here and complete the registration form by Monday, May 11. This should be done through the student’s ACCHS email.

The fee for the course is $150.00. Checks should be submitted to the studies office and made payable to Allentown Central Catholic High School. Once payment is received the student will be enrolled in the course. Payment is due by Wednesday, May 13.


Please Karen Rolston, Director of Studies with any questions:

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