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For more than 90 years, the name Allentown Central Catholic High School has been synonymous with quality, value-based Catholic education. As a school community, we feel that we accomplish that best in a typical, face-to-face environment. To us, that has been the ideal situation for helping to develop the academic, spiritual, and physical dimensions of each student who enters our building.


When state and Diocesan regulations forced us to close during the COVID-19 outbreak in spring, we quickly transitioned to an online learning model to continue instruction for the remainder of the year. As we look ahead to the opening of school in the fall, it is our hope and intention to open our doors to the full student body, with new safety procedures in place.


However, we also recognize that the current situation with COVID-19 is continually changing and we may be forced to limit student populations or close our building in the future. For that reason, we have been, and are continuously reviewing our current academic plans so that we can quickly and seamlessly transition to an online or blended model of education if needed. If that happens, details will be communicated to all families in a timely manner.


Please carefully review our comprehensive ACCHS Reopening of School Plan.

Thank you for your continued support and trust in Allentown Central Catholic!


Mrs. Diane L. Young, ACCHS Assistant Principal

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