Extracurricular activities, clubs and organizations play an extremely important role in the overall development of the ACCHS student, as well as contributing greatly to the quality of life in and around the school. The relationships and camaraderie our activities foster and the general feeling of goodwill they create help give our school a distinct personality and a vitality that carries over into the lives of all involved.


Because of the large amount of activities that we offer, 88% of our students are involved in at least one extra-curricular endeavor. We strive to ensure that students graduate as well-rounded students, who are active in a variety of activities, and will continue to remain active throughout their collegiate years.

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American Red Cross Club

The Red Cross Club is a school-based service group that helps the Red Cross fulfill its humanitarian mission. Working closely with the local Lehigh Valley Red Cross Chapter, club members participate in Red Cross service projects that impact their community and the world.

Mr. Anthony Clifford

Art Club

Open to all students with an interest in the visual arts. One does not need to be enrolled in Art in order to join.

Mrs. Maura Lieberman Ohl

Best Friends Forever

Best Friends Forever is a club promoting friendships between teens at Allentown Central Catholic High School and special needs teens at the Mercy Learning Center. This rewarding program pairs you with a "buddy" with whom you meet regularly in order to forge a special relationship. Includes various activities such as movie night, cookie baking and craft projects. Activities are held once a month after school.

Mrs. Jane O'Neill

Biology Olympics

ACCHS has been a participant in this competition for many years. A five member team and one alternate chosen from H BIO 1 and 2 classes compete in the areas of experimental design, Biology Bowl, a nature scavenger hunt and Biology Trivia. Individual competitions include Ecology, Genetics, Anatomy, Physiology, Botany and Zoology.

John Rosenberger

Central City Project

The Central City Project (CCP) is Allentown Central Catholic High School's commitment to the city of Allentown. The CCP is an opportunity for students from communities outside the city to interact with the local neighborhood's people, institutions and events.

Mr. Patrick Markham

Chess Club

The Chess Club is open to all students who possess an interest in this intellectual game. Informal practice take place after school to have fun and learn in a non-competitive environment. All are welcome to sit back, relax and enjoy the game of chess. The Chess Team is a competitive group involved in inter-scholastic competitions throughout the Valley. All are welcome.

Mr. Jonathan Pany

Debate Team

Debate involves research, writing and public speaking. The team competes against other schools in the Eastern Pennsylvania Conference and has weekly meetings and team dinners.

Mr. Anthony Clifford

Ecology Club

The Ecology Club focuses on learning while cleaning up the environment. Duties include cleaning the Jordan Meadows. The club also interacts with the students of Sacred Heart Regional School in Allentown to help them gain an understanding of wildlife in the area.

Mr. Gerard Caprio

Game Club

The Game Club allows students to play board games, phone games, or video games against one another for fun. The Game Club is a great opportunity to make friends with individuals that share similar interest. 

Charlie Carbonetto

Heart to Heart

Students in this organization will be "mentors" and "tutors" to students at Sacred Heart Regional School in Allentown. The program runs from 2:00 - 3:00pm, twice a month. Our ACCHS students feel like they get so much out of their friendships with the Sacred Heart children. 

Sr. Sophia Marie Peralta

History Day

History Day is a competition held in Masson Auditorium every January. Students whom qualify are sent to the regional competition. Students present a wide array of posters, skits, and multimedia presentations.

Sean Christ

Internat Club

Internat is ACCHS's link to the beauty and wonder of foreign countries. Their annual trip to New York City is the highlight of this club. International Language Week is produced by Internat and give's Central Catholic students a taste of foreign cultures.

Mrs. Suzanne Finch

Key Club

A Kiwanis sponsored service organization that reaches out into the community to help those who are less fortunate. Activities include doing arts and crafts with Sacred Heart Regional School students and delivering food to the elderly.

Mr. J. T. Motley

Mock Trial Club

This activity is open to all students who have an interest in the law, public speaking, debating and acting. All team members analyze and simulate a court case provided by the PA Bar Association, and compete against other high schools. With the assistance of a coach and a practicing lawyer, students act out the roles of attorneys and witnesses. The team meets two days per week starting in October and more frequently as the trial date approaches (January or February).

Olivia Lopez, Anthony Lopez

Model United Nations

In Model UN, students step into the roles of "delegates," prepare draft resolutions, plot strategy, negotiate with supporters and adversaries, resolve conflicts, and navigate the UN's rules of procedure. The students prepare and practice throughout the year and compete at the mock United Nations conference held at Lehigh University in March.

Mr. Jared Smith

National Honor Society (NHS)

This society is comprised of seniors who exhibit the qualities of leadership, scholarship, service and character. National Honor Society members participate in community projects and run a tutoring program every morning at 7:45am for all students.

Mrs. Terri Costenbader, Mrs. Susan Kostelnik

Pep Club

Pep Club is an exciting group that prepares for homecoming and other events. It organizes the homecoming dance, homecoming pep rally and decorates the school and field to foster school spirit. In addition, Pep Club sponsors a variety of activities throughout the year. Go Vikings!

Mrs. Adrienne Motley


The Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science competition has been a long tradition for ACCHS science students. Members prepare an independent project which they present at a regional symposium with the hopes of advancing to the state competition at PSU in May.

Mrs. Jennifer Winchilla


Allentown Central Catholic's brightest math students meet to test their abilities each month in these tests and compete with schools across Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey. PML meets once a month and CML meets once every seven weeks.

Mr. Jonathan Pany

Poli-Sci Club

No matter what political affiliation you identify with; the Poli-Sci club allows for students to freely discuss and debate current events and politics respectfully. The club allows debate from those of all walk of life and cultural identity. The Poli-Sci club gfives students a taste of government, democracy, and political debate. 

Mr. Jared Smith