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Student Council represents the student body in bringing forth ideas, projects and school improvements that enhance the mission of Allentown Central Catholic High School. Members are elected by their peers and serve as positive role models for their fellow students. While participating in Student Council, representatives learn parliamentary procedure, leadership responsibilities, and decision making skills. They also learn to serve as a voice for their fellow students and to initiate change for the betterment of the school. Serving on Student Council allows members to use their time and talents to represent ACCHS, its mission and its students, while gaining valuable leadership experience. Student Council members are responsible for planning, organizing and executing school events and fundraising activities; and provides financial support for various school projects. All students with a qualifying grade point average are encouraged to run for Student Council.

2023-2024 Student Council

Central Committee

President - Molly Driscoll

Vice President - Aidan Gibson

Treasurer - Richie Koehler

Secretary - Abbey Kofroth

Student Council Advisor - Jeremiah Motley


Class of 2024

President - Ellie Rodowicz

Vice President - Sammy Roth

Treasurer - Olivia Ulicny

Secretary - Izzy Kehoe-Huck

Representatives - Ava Baker, Anna Edwards, Jakub Gloc, Grayson Hauck,

Alyssa Mullaney, Gigi Rachiele, Nathan Schultz, Ellie Sweterlitsch

Senior Student Council Advisor - Jeremiah Motley

Class of 2024 Advisor - Rita Prugar


Class of 2025

President - Lindsey Yen

Vice President - Meredith Eisenmann

Treasurer - Charlie Hahn

Secretary - Milly Wolf

Representatives - Kyle Fleshman, Ava Hoffman, Nick Janis, Matthew Keenan,

Bryn Lawler, Bruno Lucci, Delia McMullen, Ella Odenthal

Junior Student Council Advisor - Jennifer Winchilla

Class of 2025 Advisor - Max Bayer


Class of 2026

President - Ryan Friel

Vice President - Ziasianay Figueroa

Treasurer - Cate Haring

Secretary - Shamiya Roberts

Representatives - Sarah Doan, James Langan, Calvin Richardson, Tommy Roth,

Tate Shoemaker, Lilah Sollott, Annika Spinosa, Emerson Springs

Sophomore Student Council Advisor - Rob Baser

Class of 2026 Advisor - Sofia Villegas


Class of 2027

President - Quinn Driscoll

Vice President - Addie Kehoe-Huck

Treasurer - Alexander Tripoli

Secretary - Brock Cerimele

Representatives - Brianna Bauer, Alana Ho, EJ Hoeing, Connor Lawler,

Gavin Mahon, Tommy McGorry, Nicholas Sayegh, Matthew Wheeler

Freshman Student Council Advisor - Bridgette Gomez

Class of 2027 Advisor - Rebecca Homer

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