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The primary goal of Allentown Central Catholic High School is to prepare our students to take their place in society as committed Catholics and responsible citizens. The planned curriculum at Allentown Central Catholic is developed to meet the academic and career needs of our students. Through the variety of courses offered, we invite you to become involved in a program of studies that develops, challenges and encourages their God-given talents.


The selection of the proper courses is a serious responsibility and should be done thoughtfully and realistically. As students prepare to make this decision, it is important that they reflect on future goals. We strongly encourage students and parents to discuss their course selections with teachers, their counselor, the Director of College Admissions and/or the Director of Studies.


After reviewing the course offerings, current sophomores and juniors will complete a Course Selection Sheet. All students must be enrolled in at least six major one credit courses. Students should select these six major courses and one alternative course in case a course does not run or there are scheduling conflicts. Students will be scheduled for required minor courses. The Course Selection Sheet must be signed by student, parent, and subject teachers to indicate his/her approval. Students will have the opportunity to confirm their selections after the on-line registration process is completed.


Current freshmen students will enroll on Sapphire and be provided a sheet which lists the courses they will be taking in their Freshmen year to be reviewed and signed by students and parents. Please note the pre-requisites for several of the courses. Any elective course with an enrollment of less than 15 students is subject to be cancellation. Also, please remember that Department Chairpersons, Counselors, and the Studies Office are responsible for the final placement in a course.


Once subject choices have been made, students will be expected to accept the responsibility of that decision. Adequate schedule planning for students and teachers can be completed only when the Administration can consider student selections to be final. Changes, when deemed necessary are at the full discretion of the Studies Director and will require departmental and parental approval. Additional fees may be charged. Any changes for students entering grade 10, 11, or 12 must be requested.

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