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Allentown Central Catholic High School is fortunate to welcome and share culture with students from many countries across the globe. Over the last decade, we have experienced an ever-increasing desire of students to join our community, which has led us to further develop our International Program. International students have been successful in our school and have become full, active participants in our community — both academically and socially.



TUITION                                                                                      $11,100

FEES                                                                                           $3,100

TOTAL TUITION AND FEES                                                      $14,200

*If Students tests out of ESL requirement, ESL fee will be removed on student invoice in Simple Tuition Solutions (STS) 



SENIOR GRADUATION FEE: $125 (Charged on student invoice in Simple Tuition Solutions (STS)

PARKING FEE: $100 (Prorated by month if purchased after September)

STUDENT ID: $5 (No cost for first replacement, $5.00/incident thereafter)

LANYARDS: $3 (Every student receives a new lanyard annually)

RETURNED CHECK (NSF): $40 (Charged per incident)

LOST DAMAGED BOOK/CD: Replacement costs vary by course 

iPAD FEES: Repair or replacement costs determined by student iPad policy and Apple Care Agreement 


  • Payment of $400 (Application Fee) due upon receipt of Student Acceptance Letter. This fee must be received within 30 days of the student acceptance letter date; acceptance will be rescinded after the 30 days has passed. 

  • Payment of $400 (Application Fee) for returning students is due by June 1, 2024. 

  • I-20 forms will not be administered until the $400 (Application Fee) is paid in full. 

  • The remaining Balance of Tuition and Fees in the amount of $13,800.00* is due on or before July 18, 2024; for Senior students the amount due on or before July 18, 2024 is $13,925.* 

  • All payments are non-refundable. In the event of disenrollment, regardless of whether the action was initiated by the student or School, no refunds will be made. The no refund policy applies to all tuition and fees received by the School.

    ** If ESL Fee does not apply, the additional $1,500 is removed from this amount.


Please contact Cara Meskill, Director of Admissions, or (610) 437-4601, ext. 148, for more information regarding our International Student program and the admissions process.



International students interested in applying to Allentown Central Catholic High School should submit all documentation through their agency.

The following information is required:

  • ACCHS International Student Application for Admission

  • Passport

  • Transcripts from other schools attended, from home country of origin and/or study abroad

  • Agency-specific documentation

  • English language proficiency tests: Students who are not from English-speaking countries are expected to submit scores from a TOEFL, TOEFL Jr. English proficiency test with their application. The test needs to be taken within six months of applying for admission.

  • TOEFL (recommended for 11th  grade applicants)

    • 9th grade: 45

    • 10th grade: 55

    • 11th grade: 65

  • TOEFL Jr (recommended for 9th and 10th grade applicants)

    • 9th grade: 700

    • 10th grade: 750

After receiving all required information, ACCHS will evaluate the applicant. A Skype interview with the Director of Admissions will be the final step for students who are being considered for admission.



If the application is approved, ACCHS will issue an acceptance letter to your agency. After the acceptance letter is received, the agency will have 30 days to submit the $350 Registration Fee or the Acceptance is void. 


Submit the following before you arrive to ACCHS:

  • Health form (completed by physician)

  • PIAA form (only for students who want to participate in sports)

  • International student contract (signed by natural parents and student)



Please be advised that all international students who study at ACCHS must establish and maintain suitable medical insurance coverage and be prepared to provide proof of coverage at any time. Issues regarding medical coverage must be handled by the student’s parents or agency. Lack of insurance may be grounds for dismissal from ACCHS.




ABC Education Group

Samantha Brown 

(484) 695-1077

361 Newbury Street, 5thfloor #5192, Boston, MA 02115

Edu-iCare Inc.

Anna Huang



Joy International Exchange Student, Inc.

Joy Son



Nacel Open Door 

Lydia Colarusso


Tuition and fees approved by the Board of Governance – April 3, 2024.

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