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For 95 years, the name Allentown Central Catholic High School (ACCHS) has been synonymous with quality, value-based education. 


Founded in 1926 by the Right Reverend Leo Gregory Fink, ACCHS has expanded for its humble beginnings as Masson Memorial School into a major educational complex. The addition of Rockne Hall in 1940 and Barry Hall in 1964 completed this educational facility, which today provides a competitive and balanced academic curriculum and extra-curricular activities that serve more than 650 students. Allentown Central Catholic is accredited by the Middle States Association and PA Department of Education and is a recognized Blue Ribbon “School of Excellence.” ACCHS continues to be a highly regarded leader in the academic development of its students, who continually demonstrate that excellence in their performance on national standardized tests of academic achievement.


We have earned an esteemed reputation as a Christ-centered, quality academic institution, which fosters mutual respect and concern for others. ACCHS develops the academic, spiritual, and physical dimensions of each student. The ethical principles and moral values we instill reflect those Christian family values, which hold societies together. Our commitment to education prepares students for a variety of academic and occupational pursuits. The growth and development of each student entrusted to our care are further enhanced by our personalized student-teacher interaction.


Allentown Central Catholic is a school whose student body reflects the economic and cultural diversity of the communities it serves. As a result of its quality academic program, 99% of Allentown Central Catholic graduates continue their education in institutions of higher learning every year. This is a reflection of our high standards, the dedication of our faculty and administration, and a continued commitment to excellence in education.


We seek to continue the legacy of providing quality Catholic education to a new generation of students. ACCHS fosters the values of loyalty and hard work, academic excellence, respect for the dignity of others, and devotion to God as a loving Father. Through these values and education we provide, our graduates are well prepared to meet the challenges and complexities of an ever-changing world.



Alma Mater, we salute thee, valiant leader of our youth, loyalty we pledge forever,
noble teacher of the truth, so we'll sing a song of good old student days,

Alma Mater of our fold, and we'll raise on high to all the clear blue skies, our colors green and gold!

And joyfully to victory, we'll cheer thee in life's battle old, for we're proud to sing of good old student days,

and cheer the GREEN and GOLD!

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