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Mr. Matthew Garza — Director of College Admissions, 610-437-4601 x130,

Ms. Leah Gehris — School Counselor, Student Last Names: A - Go, 610-437-4601 x128,

Mrs. Karen Zellner-Reilly — School Counselor, Student Last Names: Gr-O, 610-437-4601 x129,

Francesca Lesisko — School Counselor, Student Last Names: P-Z, 610-437-4601 x112,

Mrs. Pamela Marth — Registrar, 610-437-4601 x110,


Office Hours

Last week of August to mid-June, Monday-Friday: 7:30am-3:30pm

Mid-June to Last Week in August, Monday-Friday: 8:00am-3:00pm

The primary mission of the Counseling Department of Allentown Central Catholic High School is to facilitate the maximum development of each student. The services offered are concerned with identity, maturity, problem solving, conflict resolution, decision making, academic excellence, and college and career choices.The ACCHS Counseling Department supports and contributes to the holistic development of all our students. We work collaboratively with faculty, administration, students, and parents to assist students in establishing goals and creating and maintaining a strategy for achieving them.

Our services are an integral part of the school counseling program. In the imitation of Christ, we strive to treat each student with respect and dignity, while being connected to the educational, emotional, social and career development of all the students entrusted to us.


In addition to serving as a resource for the students’ academic and personal needs within the school environment on a daily basis, the Counseling Department is actively involved in increasing students’ understanding and awareness of college and career opportunities. We are committed to guiding students through the college application process and involving each student in individualized college and career planning.



If there is a concern regarding a student, anyone may make a confidential referral to the SAP team to look into the well-being of a student. 

Contact the Counseling Office for more info. or any other questions.


ACCHS offers an in-house SAT prep course for six weeks prior to the scheduled spring SAT exam. The course is taught by Mrs. Koneski (Math) and Mr. Baser (Critical Reading/Writing). Look for information in the monthly newsletters as the spring approaches. Other information regarding outside testing preparation opportunities in the local community can be found in the Counseling Office.

> Guide to Standardized Testing













When you graduate your diploma is your only copy. ACCHS does not keep copies of graduates’ diplomas. However, if proof is needed of graduation a transcript and/or a letter on school letterhead can be provided. To request graduation verification please fax a signed release with your name, year of graduation, an address of where the information is to be sent and number to contact you if there are questions to 610-437-6760 to the attention of Mr. Garza in the Counseling Office. ELECTRONIC SIGNATURES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.



All student athletes looking to compete at the Division 1 or Division 2 levels of athletics in college must register through the NCAA Eligibility Center. Most but not all major courses at ACCHS are NCAA Core Course Approved. Please check with Mr. Garza starting in your junior year that enough core courses are being taken in order to be eligible for college athletics.



Vo-Tech Students: Junior and Senior students are permitted to attend vocational school at Lehigh Carbon Vocational Technical School. Busing is provided for only students who live in Allentown School District. Please see the Counseling Office for more info and how to set up a tour.


Working Papers: ACCHS is able to provide instructions and forms for how to obtain working papers for students residing in the Allentown School District. The actual working papers must be obtained through the Allentown School District. Students from other school districts must obtain forms and information from their home school district.



  1. Current student transcript requests must be made in person in the Counseling Office by filling out a transcript request form. The Counseling Office has the addresses of all college Admissions Offices. If a transcript is to be sent to an address other than the Admissions Office, please note that on the request form.

  2. Students are responsible for knowing the deadline for transcripts to be sent to a college and should allow for proper time for the transcript process to be completed.

  3. The entire transcript process can take two-three weeks from the time the request is made; it is processed in the Counseling Office, mailed through US Mail service, received by the college and processed into the college’s system.  

  4. When a transcript request is made. All materials required to be sent to the college in additional to the transcript (counselor forms, school reports, essays etc.) must be submitted at the time of the request. Sending materials piece by piece to colleges causes info to be misfiled at the college.

  5. Upon receiving a transcript request, students will be given a pink receipt before leaving the Counseling Office, as proof of their request. Once transcripts have been mailed by the Counseling Office students will receive a yellow receipt in homeroom as proof of the Counseling Office’s completion of their process.

  6. It is the responsibility of the student to check with the college’s Admissions Office to make sure that a transcript has been received by contacting the Admissions Office. Call the Admissions Office directly; do not solely use the college’s online system. Please use the information on the receipts you will receive to inform the Admissions Office of the date the transcript was mailed.

  7. Please be aware that from the time a student applies to a college a file has been started for that student in the college Admissions Office. After a week or two passes, many Admissions Offices will send out computer generated letters/emails to all students who have applied and from whom they have not received a transcript. Due to this procedure many students will receive letters/emails stating that their transcript has not been received after their request has been made and processed by the Counseling Office. Please allow for crossover time in the mail especially if the date of the letter/email from Admissions Office and the date on the student's request are only days apart.

  8. If after allowing the proper amount of time for the transcript process to be completed the college’s Admissions Office still does not have the transcript an additional transcript will be sent FREE OF CHARGE.  

  9. There is a fee of $3.00 per transcript due at the time of the request. Cash or checks are acceptable forms of payment for transcripts. Checks should be made payable to: ACCHS.  There is no fee for transcript requests for scholarships, NCAA Eligibility, academic programs, athletic recruiting or applying to Penn State University.

School CEEB Code: 390025

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