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Every student and parent/guardian is required to read and become familiar with the Allentown Central Catholic High School Student Handbook. This handbook has been developed to ensure consistency of expectations and procedures for our school, to help our students grow in the virtue of obedience, and not to stifle their personalities or rights.


We firmly believe that a strong home and school partnership, along with consistent communications, will help our children achieve in a safe and positive school environment. The essential principles guiding this Code of Conduct are loving our God, our neighbors and ourselves. In this way, we treat each other with the respect and reverence we also expect. Anything that disrupts the educational process, or anyone who distracts us from our Mission of a Christ-centered Catholic education, will be addressed in a prompt, fair, and consistent manner.



SECTION A: Code of Conduct

SECTION B: Activity and Social Suspension

SECTION C: Dress Code

SECTION D: Attendance Policies and Procedures

SECTION E: Clubs, Extracurricular Activities, NHS and Student Council

SECTION F: General Information and Procedures

SECTION G: Diocesan Acceptable Use Policy, Misconduct Offenses and Consequences


Any questions or suggestions about the ACCHS Student Handbook Code of Conduct are most welcome and can be addressed to the ACCHS Administration. The focus of the future should be on Christ, community service, and academic and personal excellence.

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