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October 19, 2022


Hello Viking Nation! 


In March of 2023, ACCHS will be evaluated for reaccreditation by a team from Middle States. Middle States is a program that evaluates a school’s long term plan 

to achieve established goals. The most recent visit was in 2014 when ACCHS was 



This process began in the spring of 2020 before the global pandemic. In the fall of 2021, faculty, staff, students and parents responded to surveys in an effort to gather data. As Internal Coordinators, Mr. Baser and Mrs. Prugar have been diligently working to remain on schedule for our visit on March 13-16, 2023. 


In our efforts to remain transparent during the process, we will be communicating with our families every other week to report on the progress of the Internal Coordinators and the Planning Team. 


This Middle State Accreditation page will become a hub for information and communication. The current version of the school’s Mission Statement and Belief/Core Values has made visible throughout the ACCHS campus. 


If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact Mr. Robert Baser or 

Mrs. Rita Prugar. We look forward to collaborating with you as we prepare for this prestigious honor. 


Mr. Robert Baser,

Mrs. Rita Prugar,


Allentown Central Catholic High School,

a Catholic, college-preparatory,

co-educational school is committed to educating the whole person. Our tradition

of a rigorous academic and extensive

co-curricular program encourages students to develop their moral compass and realize their spiritual, intellectual, physical, and creative potential. Our mission is to graduate students who are always faithful to living a life that is committed to faith, equitable justice, integrity, and responsible citizenship.



  • That the Catholic school must integrate faith into the entire life of the student, inclusive of every culture, background, and creed while making the truth of Catholicism known. 

  • That Christian Service provides a transferable way to develop lifelong discipleship by putting the Catholic Christian faith into action.

  • In an active, cooperative involvement and shared responsibility among students, teachers, administrators, parents, and community members. 

  • That teachers must be committed to developing student potential holistically: intellectually, socially, physically, and spiritually in all academic disciplines, and not merely transmitting academic content. 

  • That administrators must provide opportunities for growth and development to ensure a strong, faithful faculty. 

  • That the purpose of a Catholic education is to help the students respond to God’s unique plan for them so that they can become and represent the best version of themselves, and incorporate moral Christian norms into daily living. 

  • That students have tangible goals for academic, social and personal success in a college-preparatory high school that strongly encourages student achievement, mental health and acceptance, fairness, and acceptance. 

  • That active participation in extracurricular activities helps to foster spiritual, intellectual, and social responsibility.

  • That the awareness of mental health plays an important role in the development of our students, our faculty, and our community. 

  • That Catholic Schools should foster an environment which encourages students to communicate and collaborate with others respectfully and appropriately, whether in person or on-line.



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