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OverDrive Digital Library

In conjunction with our TEACH 1:1 initiative, Allentown Central Catholic High School provides a source for e-books to be available for our students. By partnering with CLIU 21 and our neighboring school districts, ACCHS offers OverDrive which gives our students access to more than 64,000 digital book titles. This digital library will keep expanding in the coming years. OverDrive is easy to use, available 24/7 and there are no late fees. OverDrive brings more reading opportunities to our students including classroom textbooks, summer reading materials, novel sets and books to read at their leisure. OverDrive allows students to borrow e-books and audiobooks, similar to borrowing materials from a traditional library. Additionally, students with a library card from local community libraries can access additional e-books and audiobooks with their personal card number and PIN.

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