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The ACCHS Day-Maurin Service Society recognizes students who go above and beyond their required community service commitments. Community and Christian Service, especially through the Central City Project, have become an integral part of the lives and formation of ACCHS students. The administration, together with the Campus Ministry staff, believes that it is important to recognize those students who go above and beyond by serving in their community.


The Central City Project (CCP) is modeled on The Catholic Worker Movement founded by Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin. The inspiring lives of these two individuals have led students to reach further and grow in new ways through service. That is why we have chosen to name the service society after them. To become members of the Day-Maurin Society, students will need to complete three times the minimum amount of service hours for their class year. In addition one third of the hours need to be done through the Central City Project. The hours will be recorded in the Chaplain’s Office.











Students will receive a Day-Maurin Society pin and certificate in May, during a special recognition ceremony, after all service hours have been submitted for the year. Seniors who are members during their senior year will be permitted to wear a white honor cord for graduation events. Seniors who have been members of the society since its beginning or, in time, since their freshman year will be eligible to be selected by the campus ministry staff for the Day-Maurin Service Society Scholarship given annually by Brian and Summer Sullivan '13 in memory of Amy Sullivan to two deserving students, one male and one female. 

"The biggest challenge of the day

is: how to bring about a revolution 

of the heart, a revolution that has

to start with each one of us."

"I want a change, and a radical

change. I want a change from an
acquisitive society to a functional society, from a society of go-getters

to a society of go-givers."

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