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TEACH 1:1 iPad Learning Initiative

TEACH 1 to 1 stands for Technology Enhanced Academics in the Classroom and Home with one device for each student and teacher. This initiative consists of bringing both 21st-century skills and technology into ACCHS classrooms. We are combining our current curriculum with research identified skills expected of future learners and workers. The 21st-century skills are: critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and communication. While these ideas are not foreign to our classroom, they will have greater significance than before. We are issuing an iPad to each student as a tool for learning. Teachers have had iPads for a year. Teachers and students will have equitable access to technology, the internet and each other through their iPads. The iPad also acts as a tool to individualize student learning.


Our Learning Initiative has also directed our faculty professional development and facility upgrades. We have established a professional learning community of teachers and administrators focused just on the Learning Initiative and its classroom applications. We are upgrading our technology backbone with an additional computer server, Wi-Fi access points in each classroom and increased bandwidth. Lastly, but most importantly, we are hiring an Instructional Technology Certified professional to work with teachers on classroom instruction. These behind the scene improvements will mean a better quality learning environment for our students.

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