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Virtual High School Global Consortium (VHS) is a non-profit international collaboration of public and private schools from the United States and many other countries. It offers junior and senior students high-quality online courses and provides professional development for online teachers. The program has been internationally recognized as a model for K-12 online education. Because we are members of VHS, some Allentown Central Catholic High School students will be able to: 


  • Engage in thought-provoking on-line courses. 

  • Experience robust interactions with teachers and peers. 

  • Have unique opportunities to collaborate and exchange ideas across cultures and time zones. 

  • Participate in courses that are highly desired, but aren't otherwise available. 

  • Gain essential 21st century learning skills, such as multimedia presentation, communication, and team-building. 


The coursework is challenging. Students need to be highly motivated and must be able to work well on their own. Although students will be scheduled for a 45 minute daily class for these courses, much time outside school is also required. The classes may be chosen from a wide selection of courses that are not part of the regular ACCHS curriculum. Students must have the approval of the Director of Studies and the appropriate department chair for all VHS courses. Once classes begin, students will not be allowed to drop a VHS course. Grades are assigned by the VHS instructor, not teachers at ACCHS. The grades will be part of the student’s grade point average. Interested students and their parents are urged to investigate the program further by logging on to the website


Students enrolled in any of our online course offerings must reimburse the school for the cost of the course if the course is dropped after the deadline or if the student fails the course. 

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