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The primary goal of Allentown Central Catholic High School is to prepare our students to take their place in society as committed Catholics and responsible citizens. The planned curriculum at ACCHS is developed to meet your student's academic and career needs. Through the variety of courses offered, we invite you to become involved in a program of studies that develops, challenges and encourages your God-given talents.


At ACCHS, your student attends class with other like-minded students whose parents have sent them to school with shared expectations of achievement. Whether it’s solving an equation, conducting a DNA lab, discussing a novel, or learning about the ancient Greeks and their influences in today’s world, there is a synergy that promotes learning and achievement when all students are there to learn. Teachers are encouraged to explore student use of technology in the classroom as students are trained to be 21st-century global learners. Wi-Fi is available to students and teachers throughout the school.


Our curriculum includes 32 Honors and 8 Advanced Placement course in addition to traditional courses to meet the needs of all students. Students in AP courses can earn college credit with satisfactory performance on the AP Exams given nationally each May. Last year,

89% of the scores were 3 or higher and 37 students were named AP scholars. Our students also far exceed state and national averages on the ACT and SAT tests. ACCHS typically has a graduation rate of 100%, with 99% attending college/military in recent years; with graduates earning over $8.5 million in college scholarship offers annually. 


Please inquire about our programs to assist students with special needs. We also offer many extracurricular activities that we encourage our students to get involved in. Approximately 88% of our students are involved in at least one extracurricular activity.

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