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Allentown Central Catholic High School's challenging curriculum will provide the best preparation for college admission and college success.


  • ENGLISH - Colleges require 4 years of High School English instruction. Writing and research experience, the core of ACCHS’s academic program, are keys to college success.

  • MATHEMATICS - Colleges require a minimum of 3 years of math, encourage four years, and look for some exposure to Trigonometry.

  • SCIENCE - Colleges prefer 4 years of lab science for science-related majors and 3 years for non-science-related majors. All of ACCHS’s science courses are premised on scheduled lab experience.

  • SOCIAL STUDIES - While three years of Social Studies are required for graduation from Central Catholic; students have four years of curricular choices available. Students seeking careers in Social Sciences may take even more courses in this discipline.

  • WORLD LANGUAGE - World languages are an integral part of education in today’s society. While most colleges require two years of study in high school, many specific academic disciplines require an even further enhanced familiarity with a particular language. A world language should be selected based on a student’s interest and career orientation. All students must complete 2 consecutive years of the same language.



Students at ACCHS have the opportunity to earn college credits, at minimal costs, here on their own campus. Through a partnership with Alvernia University and Lehigh Carbon Community College, several Dual-Credit courses are currently offered. Instruction approved by the colleges will be given both during the school day at ACCHS and on-line. Students taking dual-credit courses must pass with a C or better to receive transferable credits. Offerings and fees are determined by the college. 


Another opportunity for college credit before college admission lies with achievement in Central Catholic’s AP curriculum.

AP offerings include the following: 

  • AP English Language

  • AP Calculus AB 

  • AP English Literature

  • AP Physics B 

  • AP US History

  • AP Spanish 

  • AP Government/Politics 


Advanced Placement examinations are standardized tests administered at ACCHS, and scored by the Educational Testing Service.

Each examination receives grade on a 5-point scale:

5 = extremely qualified

4 = well qualified

3 = qualified

2 = possibly qualified

1 = not qualified. 


Colleges decide whether or not to accept AP exam grades for credit; many credit variations exist among post-secondary institutions regarding AP credit. Discussion of a college’s or university’s policy for this credit is advised. Educational Testing Service determines dates and fees for AP exams. All students who take AP Courses ARE REQUIRED to take AP Exams. 


From the middle of September to the beginning of December, college admissions representatives schedule times to meet with juniors and seniors at ACCHS. Students must sign up in the Counseling Office no later than the morning of the scheduled meeting and receive a permission slip to be dismissed from class. Students are not permitted to miss a class where a test or quiz has been scheduled.  



Seniors have the opportunity to schedule two college visitation days during the school year. Please obtain a college visit form (green) from the Guidance Office. Completed and signed forms are to be returned the Counseling Office 24 hours before the scheduled visit. Any additional visits are to be scheduled as appointments with the attendance office and should be properly called in as an excused absence.



College admissions representatives are now visiting ACCHS. A list of colleges, dates and times this fall is posted outside the Library/Media Center and in every junior and senior homeroom. Please sign up in the Counseling Office to meet with a college. Please contact Mr. Garza with any questions. Be sure to check the list often, times and dates can change and more colleges are added on a regular basis.

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