ACCHS offers a large variety of honor courses to students who are above average in ability and who can achieve success in a challenging area of study. These honor courses form the nucleus of our Honors Program. Whether a student takes one or more honor courses, he/she is considered as participating in the Honors Program. Our Honors Program will stimulate creativity, research, communication techniques, in-depth study, acceleration of subject matter, and the use of special skills. Each subject area will delineate its own goals for its special purposes, e.g. the study of Calculus has a different objective from that of World Literature, even though the approach to both will bear many similarities. The student participating in the Honors Program should demonstrate a personal commitment to excellence in academics and must expect: 

  • To do more work outside of class 

  • To choose independent study assignments in which the teacher sets the parameter for accomplishment 

  • To engage in a qualitative, intensive investigation of guided topics 

  • To delve into not only practical studies but also much theoretical material involving high levels of abstraction 

  • To participate in field trips where applicable 

  • To continue to do well in the course or be asked to go to a different level  


To enter the Honors Program, incoming freshmen are invited by virtue of ITBS scores, report card grades, class rank, recommendation of the elementary school, and ACCHS Placement Tests. Sophomores, juniors, and seniors may be invited to choose an honors course by virtue of their past performances with Departmental approval. All students are eligible for honor roll based on grades received in their selected courses regardless of level of difficulty. Honor Roll is announced each marking period. All students are eligible for Honor Roll* if they meet the following criteria: 


Summa Cum Laude - General average of major subjects 95.0 and a minimum grade of 90 in all major subjects. 

Magna Cum Laude - General Average of major subjects 90.0 to 94.99 and a minimum grade of 85 in all major subjects. 

Cum Laude - General Average of major subjects 85.0 to 89.99 and a minimum grade of 80 in all major subjects.

National Honor Society

The National Honor Society (NHS) is the nation's premier organization established to recognize outstanding high school students. More than just an honor roll, NHS serves to honor those students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service, and character. These characteristics have been associated with membership in the organization since 1921.


Four main purposes of NHS:

  • to create enthusiasm for scholarship

  • to stimulate a desire to render service

  • to promote leadership

  • to develop character in the students of secondary schools.


Membership in the National Honor Society (NHS) is an honor bestowed upon a student in recognition of his or her academic diligence and noteworthy comportment. Selection is by a faculty council and is only for those students who achieve the necessary cumulative grade point average by the end of their sophomore year. Once selected and inducted, members have the responsibility to continue to demonstrate and uphold above-mentioned qualities.


What are the requirements for the National Honor Society? When is it decided? 

Students in grade 11 who have a GPA of 3.45 or above at the end of the first semester or end of their junior year will be invited to apply for the National Honor Society. A meeting takes place by the end of February reviewing the application process for juniors who meet the criteria mid-school year.

Class of 2021 National Honor Society

Emily Ahern

Dylan Alvarez

Therese Anne Bajo

Drina Bianchini

Sarah Boardman

Luke Cardiges

Annah Chaya

Daniela Collins

Jesse Coulter

Colette Cragin

Erica Dietz

Patrick Donohue

Isabella Fares

Dylan Ferareza

David Fleck

Robert Garza

Liam Gibson

Pamela Gonzalez

Iain Hadeed

Luke Helwig

Matthew Hetten

Anthony Hudak

Davis Ike

Isabella Keyes

Laura Kidd

David Kreidler

Luke Kuklis

Zihang (Walter) Lan

Linjingyi (Jenny) Li

Madison Mancini

Moira Manzella

Mason Maxsim

Jack McGorry

Ian McMullen

Ashleigh Meskill

Gwendolyn Minogue

Nhi Nguyen

Emma Ossiander

Lauren Pristas

Matthew Rauscher

Annmarie Sanderson

Sylvia Sarnitsky

Madison Saylor

Tyler Schifko

Luke Sedlack

Riley Stauffer

Andrew Steckel

Katelyn Strohl

Isabella Sunday

Emily Vaughan

Julia Vicario

Rosemary Vinod

JiTong (Julia) Wang

Daniel Wheeler

Josephine Yozzi

Tia Zenie

2020-2021 Honor Roll - Quarter 3



Summa Cum Laude 

Cragin, Colette

Dietz, Erica

Ferareza, Dylan Joseph

Ike, Davis

Li, Linjingyi

Minogue, Gwendolyn

Pristas, Lauren

Russo, Nolan

Tian, Yiding


Magna Cum Laude 

Ahern, Emily

Alvarez, Dylan

Anglestein, Connor

Bajo, Therese Anne

Beidler, Kylie

Bianchini, Drina

Boardman, Sarah

Buschta, Brynn

Capra, Emilie

Cardiges, Luke

Castano, David

Chaya, Annah

Coulter, Jesse

Coyle, Madeline

DePietro, Andrew

Donohue, Patrick

Fares, Isabella

Faust, Titus

Fenstermacher, Sarah

Fleck, David

Garza, Robert

Gemelli, Brendan

Gibson, Liam

Gulycz, Miranda

Hadeed, Iain

Harris, Nevaeh

Heydorn, Allison

Hoffman, Zachary

Hood, Ethan

Horn, Theresa

Hudak, Anthony

Ibrahim, Nour

Keyes, Isabella

Kidd, Laura

Komperda, Zoria

Lan, Zihang

Landivar, Nathan

Mancini, Madison

Manzella, Moira

Martin-Carmona, Olivia

Matejcek, Christopher

Maxsim, Mason

McCray, Deauntey

McGorry, Jack

Meskill, Ashleigh

Miller, Stephen

Morren, Elizabeth

Ossiander, Emma

Popovic, Daniel

Popovic, Marko

Psarros, George

Rauscher, Matthew

Romero, Juliana

Sanderson, Annmarie

Sarnitsky, Charlotte

Sarnitsky, Sylvia

Sawarynski, Andrew

Saylor, Madison

Seyle, Madison

Spugnardi, Christian

Stauffer, Riley

Steckel, Andrew

Strini, Adam

Sunday, Isabella

Thomas, Joseph

Vargo, Julia

Vargo, Monica

Vaughan, Emily

Vicario, Julia

Wheeler, Daniel

Wiedemann, Erin

Williams, Jayden

Yozzi, Josephine

Zenie, Tia


Cum Laude 

Amsler, Molly

Brown, Andrea

Cevallos, Gabriel

Collins, Daniela

Csensits, Andrew

Faust, Colby

Ganchoso, Juan

Garcon, Habigail

Gemelli, Meghan

Gill, Cailin

Gonzalez, Pamela

Hetten, Matthew

Kern, Elizabeth

Kreidler, David

Kuklis, Luke

Lanzone, Alexander

Lystad, Derek

Meckes, Christian

Pany, Olivia

Reggie, Katelyn

Renner, Evan

Salako, Thomas

Schenkel, Kyle

Seaman, Olivia

Sedlack, Luke

Seyle, Grace

Stahley, Timothy

Strohl, Katelyn

Torres, Juan

Vinod, Rosemary

Wang, Ji Tong

Wasson, Emily

Zacke, rBrooke

Zhu, Guanyi



Summa Cum Laude 

Abromitis, Mason

Bartolacci, Sophia

Demchak, Jacob

Duffy, Joseph

Fantozzi, Vincent

Freedman, Brandon

Grim, Gavin

Guo, Menghan

Hoeing, Hanna

Janny, Kaitlyn

Khoury, Justin

LaRock, Andrew

Lehman, Alexa

Manley, James

Mercer, Peyton

Milisits, Jennifer

Munshower, Vivian

Muto, Josslin

Oliveira, Christopher

Penchishen, Annabelle

Riedy, Olivia

Rohrbach, Carly

Roth, Julia

Rutch, Gabriella

Scandone, Benjamin

Servagno, Sophia

Shucavage, Grace

Sonday, Cole

St. Pierre, Thomas

Weaver, Lauren

Wenrich-Quinones, Elena

Yurconic, Sabrina


Magna Cum Laude 

Alvarado, Indira

Ambrogi, Steven

Barr, Augustine

Boyle, Peter

Cadden, Kaycee

Deegan, Makenna

Devers, Joshua

Driscoll, Michael

Ehrlich, Jillian

Elliott, Peyton

Fanger, Samantha

Hagadus, ,Jadeyn

Haring Charles

Harris, Nathan

Hodrick, Kyle

Jimenez, Jayden

Keenan, Jack

Lawler, Bridey

Ligenza, Lucas

Long, Charles

Lucci, Rocco

Luchetti, Ava

Marx, Daniel

McGlynn, William

Mello, Cooper

Michalak, Margaret

Miller, Matthew

Moreno, Delany

Neagle, Elizabeth

Niechwiadowicz, Meagan

Norfleet, Ayanna

Norris, Ryan

O'Neill, Connor

Oliveras, Emmanuel

Pellini, Jacob

Quinn, Brandon

Rander, Jeffrey

Reed, Brendan

Romero, Jonathan

Russo, Renna

Salvador, Nicolas

Santos, Nicholas

Sayegh, Elizabeth

Schmidt, Jillian

Semmel, Hailey

Simmons, Hope

Snyder, Tyler

Stahley, Michael

Temple, Tessa

Tormann, Nina

Wandalowski, Owen

Wang, Kara

Woytek, Natalie

Young, Daniella

Yunez, Natalia

Zeller, Jacob

Zenie, Cayla


Cum Laude 

Alsudayri, Nasser

Aviles, Alec

Barrantes, Malina

Barto, Jacob

Baylo, Sierra

Beman, Jackson

Burke, Yashimabet

Bydlon, Zachary

Drake, Liam

Ernst, Simon

Freeman, James

Garcia, Breanna

Herczeg, Cole

Horoshko, Riley

Janis Jr., Aaron

Kofroth, Sydney

Lipovsky, Kathryn

Ogundele, Oluwadamilola

Platt, David

Rodriguez Jr., Sandino

Schmidt, Hunter

Schwab, Kylie

Shook, William

Snyder, Michael

Tadlock, Olivia

Thomas, Tyson

Wilson-Moody, Sanai

Yen, Ryan



Summa Cum Laude 

Ajasa, Elizabeth

Apiolaza, Rachel

Baranko, Alexa

Binder, Eve

Elias, Karla

Fares, Lillian

Hahn, Julianna

Hudak, Emma

Lee, Annette

Martinez, Isabel

Martinez, Mercedes

McGorry, Elizabeth

Norris, Mara

Orlando, Kathryn

Ramsey, Hunter

Reed, Makenna

Robinson, Madelyn


Magna Cum Laude 

Albanese, Antonio

Alderman, Ethan

Billig, Emily

Braun, Matthew

Cilmi, Gabriella

Croslis, Cole

DeGale, Alexander

Egan, Lauren

Evans, James

Germick, Autumn

Gonzalez-Perez, Mabhell

Hadeed, Ivan

Heinze, James

Heinze, Kylie

Helman, Rachel

Hood, Lauren

Jean-Baptiste, McKly

Keyes, Matthew

Leveris, Arthur

Magalona, Jessamine

Mitchell, Kelly

Nat, Sareena

Nelson, Lauren

Ogunsemore, Joy

Patridge, Griffin

Patruno, Daniel

Quiros, Olivia

Rachiele, Rebecca

Rodriguez, Allan

Schaeffer, Lola

Shak, Patrisha

Sotamba, Gabriela

Spatzer, Kaylen

Szoke, Madalyn

Taveras, Windry

Temple, Tanner

Tran, Theresa

Wakstein, Aidan


Cum Laude 

Aquino, Conner

Ayala, Nicole

Beidler, Kaden

Brobst, Ryan

Gibbons, Jacob

Guava, Allison

Hosak, Ethan

Koons, Leo

Meskill, Samantha

Moody, Tahajah

Ness, Owen

Pulieri, Nico

Salazar, Gianmarcos

Schultz, Emma

Schweizer, Bridget

Wolf, Raphael

Zimmermann, Abigail



Summa Cum Laude 

Abbadessa, Ian

Broun, Tobias


Edwards,  Anna

Gibson, Aidan

Hines, Katherine

Kehoe-Huck, Isabel

McDonald, Jacqueline

McMurtrie, Patrick

Mullaney, Alyssa

Neagle, Catherine

Pharo, Laura

Raynock, Catherine

Skrapits, Arseny

Spinosa, Timothy

Steckel, Sophia

Ulicny, Olivia

Yeager, Kaysiana


Magna Cum Laude 

Adimo, Daniella

Aguilar, Itxel

Ambrogi, Sean

Balisage, Nick

Block, Tyla

Boardman, Audrey

Brickhouse, Armani

Brislin, Braden

Cesanek, Mitchell

Chaya, Alivia

Cwynar, Ryan

Deisher, Clara Rose

Durso, Erin

Ehrlich, Claire

Falcon, Keiley

Fernandez, Jakeily

Gallagher, Kelly

Gehris, Leah

Gloc, Jakub

Hines, Chelsea

Hoffman, Julia

Janick, Tyler

Keenan, Benjamin

Kloiber, Anneliese

Koehler, Richard

Kofroth, Abbey

Landis, Ethan

Ly, Shyanne

Mai, Kevin

McClain, Sean

McMurtrie, Benjamin

Myers, Luke

Palminteri, Maci

Peters, John

Petersen, Max

Reyes, Vito

Robinson, Alexandra

Rodowicz, Eleanor

Roth, Samantha

Rutch, Sarah

Schifko, Caitlyn

Schisler, Eva

Schmitt, Calli

Schultz, Nathan

Stapleton, John


Theophille , Talia

Torchia, Zachary

Torres, Armonie

Trump, Elizabeth

Tyler, Jack

Villegas, Mariah

Wheeler, Isaac

Yozzi, Vivian

Zeller, Michael


Cum Laude 

Baker, Ava

Chila, Ashley

Coassolo, Margaret

Cowen, Mitchell

Eckert, Ryan

Falter, Melaina

Fifield, Grace

Fridia, David

Garcia-Bernardi, Antonella

Gonzalez, Luna

Grubb, Catherine

Hauck, Grayson

Horn, Hailey

Jorge, Genesis

Kovach, Lillian

Kudla, Madison

Langan, Anne

Lopez, Ricardo

Lynch, Margaret

Nagle, Montana

Nguyen, Ayden

Niggel, Elizabeth

Rachiele, ,Gianna

Rivera, Lillian

Salari, Sam

Sohaney, Blake

Temple, Victoria

Tucker, Natalie

For questions regarding Honor Roll, please contact Karen Rolston at krolston@acchs.info

*Honors will not be awarded to any student receiving ten or more detentions.