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Adult Students


The Student Assistance Program (SAP) is a state-mandated, confidential, multi-disciplinary team approach utilized to aid students who are experiencing a barrier to learning. The SAP team assists in identifying any concerns including academic, social, personal, or behavioral issues such as the use of alcohol, tobacco/nicotine, and drugs, as well as mental health issues, which may be affecting a student’s ability to achieve success in school. The primary goal of SAP is to help students overcome these obstacles which interfere with learning and academic achievement.


The SAP team consists of trained school administrators, teachers, and staff, as well as a Lehigh County agency liaison. These professionals are dedicated to helping students and their families access school and community resources as well as local services.
SAP does not diagnose, treat or refer students for treatment, nor does it administer disciplinary consequences. It provides intervention information for families which allows them to make the best decision for their student.


Referrals to SAP can be made by parents, teachers, staff, students, or any concerned person. Students seeking help may refer themselves. Referral forms can be found outside the Counseling and Campus Ministry Offices, as well as inside the Chapel and on the SAP website. Once the form is completed, it can be placed in the locked boxes. The referral is confidential, but it can be made anonymously if preferred.


Do you see any of these behaviors?

  • Declining or a sudden drop in grades

  • Withdrawing from family, friends, activities

  • Feeling sad

  • Low self-esteem    

  • Changing friends

  • Lethargy or irritability                       

  • Decreased motivation

  • Sudden changes in behavior                    

  • Unexplained physical injuries                    

  • Defying authority, at home and/or in school

Displaying these behaviors could indicate an at-risk student who could benefit from SAP. Anyone- teachers, parents, family members, students or concerned community members- can refer a student to the SAP team. Students seeking assistance may refer themselves. Contact an SAP team member at 610-437-4601 for help or complete an SAP referral form and return it to ACCHS.






Mr. Randy Rice, Principal

Ms. Leah Gehris, School Counselor

Mr. Taylor Holko, Teacher

Mrs. Sue Kostelnik, Teacher

Mrs. Susan Perun, School Counselor

Ms. Delia Mitchell, SAP Liaison

Mrs. Melissa Stahley


Important Resource Numbers

Lehigh County 24 Hour Crisis Intervention — 610-782-3127

Pyramid Healthcare-Allentown (for mental health assessments) — 610-434-1126

Mid-Atlantic Rehabilitation Services, Inc. (MARS - for mental health assessments) — 610-419-3101

Lehigh County Department of Human Services- Information and Referral — 610-782-3200 (for community resources)

Childline  1-800-932-0313


WHEN IN DOUBT, CALL SAP: 610-437-4601 — Ask for a school counselor.


  • Acting aggressively

  • Increased risk taking                       

  • Disturbed sleep/food cycle

  • Difficulty concentrating            

  • Extreme self-criticism

  • Disruptive behavior

  • Experimenting with alcohol or drugs    

  • Changes in appearance or dress

  • Needing money without a good explanation

  • Lying

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