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All Students:

  • Final exams will count as a regular test grade for Quarter 4. The exam will only cover content from the 4th Quarter.

  • Students should check with their teacher and class pages for more detailed information about these tests.

  • All textbooks will be collected before or during the final exam period.


Students will be dismissed at 11:30 AM every day the week of June 7-11.

Students will take their final exams beginning Monday, June 7 to Thursday, June 10.

On Friday, students will spend some time attending classes and there will be a final school Mass for the year.


Exams will be given by period. Tests will be 45 minutes in length. The remainder of the exam period will be used for wrap up activities and textbook collection. On all exam days, students will report at 8:10am to their first period exam room. Students will have a twenty minute break between exams periods.The second exam period will run from 10am to 11:30am. The exams will be 75 minutes long. 


Students are only required to be in school June 7 -10 if they have an exam.
If they rely on the bus for transportation and need to come in before or stay after an exam they must report to the cafeteria. 


All textbooks for in person students will be collected before or during the final exam period. 


Virtual Students
Textbooks can be dropped off in Masson Auditorium in Masson Auditorium on Monday, June 7, Wednesday, June 9, and

Thursday, June 10 from 11am - 2pm. The side door on Chew Street will be open for you to enter and leave through. 

iPads only need to be returned if you are not planning to return to ACCHS in August.

All textbooks must be returned by June 10 or bills will be sent for the missing items the week of June 14.  


Underclass Exams - Grades 9, 10, and 11


Exam Period One: 8:10 - 9:40am

  • Prayer and Announcements- 8:10 to 8:25am

  • Exams from 8:25 to 9:10am

  • Wrap up Activity and textbook collection- 9:10 to 9:40am


Exam Period Two: 10:00 - 11:30am

  • Exams from 10:05 to 10:50am

  • Wrap up Activity and textbook collection - 10:50 to 11:20am  

  • Prayers and Announcements - 11:20 to 11:30am


June 7: Dismissal: 11:30am

  • Exam One: Period 1A Day

  • Exam Two: Period 2 A Day


June 8: Dismissal: 11:30am

  • Exam One: Period 7 A Day

  • Exam Two: Period 8 A Day


June 9: Dismissal: 11:30am

  • Exam One: Period 3 A Day

  • Exam Two: Period 4 A Day


June 10: Dismissal: 11:30am

  • Exam One: Period 5 A Day

  • Exam Two: Period 6 A Day


June 11: Dismissal: 11:30am

  • Special schedule periods 1-8

  • Mass 10:15 - 11:30am


Final Day of School for all Students.