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Tuesday, January 17                          Periods 1&2                 11:30am Dismissal      

Wednesday, January 18                    Periods 7&8                 11:30am Dismissal

Thursday, January 19                        Periods 3&4                 11:30am Dismissal

Friday, January 20                             Periods 5&6                 11:30am Dismissal


  • Exams periods will be 75 minutes long and will follow an A Day schedule.

  • Students will have a 20-minute break on early dismissal days to have a snack if they wish to bring one. 

  • Students have early dismissal on all exam days to rest and prepare for the next day’s examination.

  • Students who do not have an exam are not required to be in school for that exam period. There will be a designated supervised area in the school for students who rely on the bus for transportation to and from school.

  • Early Dismissal Days: If students do not have a Period 1 Exam, they must report to the Period 2 Exam Room by 10:00am. If they arrive after that time, they will be considered late. If you arrive before 9:55am, students should report to the cafeteria for silent study. If students do not have an examination, Period 2, they may leave after their first exam. If students are in the building and do not have an examination they must report to the cafeteria.

  • ABSENCE – All examinations must be taken as soon as you return to school.  Any exceptions must be handled by the Studies Office.



Tuesday, January 17 • Wednesday, January 18 • Thursday, January 19 • Friday, January 20
11:30am Dismissal



8:00am                         Report to first exam room

8:04 to 8:20am             Morning Prayers and Attendance. Attendance will be collected.  

8:20 – 9:35am              Exam 1

9:35- 9:40am                Exam Collection


9:40-10:00am               Break



10:00- 10:05am            Attendance. Attendance will be collected.  

10:05- 11:20am            Exam 2

11:20 - 11:25am           Exam Collection
11:25 - 11:30am           Afternoon Prayers and Announcements

11:30am                       Dismissal

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