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2020 graduates accepted to a college or university.


Our 13 year matriculation average.


Merit scholarships and grants offered; Class of 2020.


Class of 2020 National Honor Society Members.


Graduates earned full tuition.


Eagle Scouts in the Class of 2020.


Years of tradition, faith and possibilities!


2020 graduates who are varsity collegiate athletes.


Community dinners sponsored by The Central City Project.


Community service hours logged by students in 2019.


State Science Olympiad qualifier (in past decade).


ACCHS Varsity Athletic Teams.

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$1 Million+ 

Financial aid and merit scholarships granted to our families for the 2019-2020 school year

Allentown Central Catholic High School students have a long respected tradition – they’re winners. They reach high; they see wide, they feel confident. Their spirits soar – they know God. These determined young Vikings and Vikettes do not happen by accident. A vigorous academic program teaches them to strive beyond their comfort zone: to seek challenge, to question appropriately, and to search for truth beyond the mundane of mediocre standards of “just getting by.”


The success of their journey lies not in the superficial spoils of plunder, but rather in the reward of success for having cultivated God’s gifts and achieving life-fulfilling goals. The ever-present guidance of clergy and spiritually committed teachers leads the Vikings of ACCHS to a God-centered knowledge of the young world in which they find themselves and of the adult world which awaits. Whether on the campus of truth, field of sports, or the canvas of the arts, these lessons of intellect and faith form the banner of our future leaders – the morally tough, responsibly informed, spiritually focused winners of real value, the ACCHS Vikings and Vikettes.











A student/graduate of Allentown Central Catholic High School is:

  • A responsible citizen who lives an ethical, moral, and spiritual life.

  • A critical thinker who can meaningfully contributes to our global society.

  • An individual who promotes and demonstrates respect and professionalism in all aspects of life.

  • An individual who is prepared for the 21st century workforce.

  • One who is a life -long learner and has the skills necessary to be successful in higher education.

  • One who is an advocate for and promotes the importance of Catholic education in their community.

  • One who has a deep understanding of Roman Catholic Theology


Our 2019 Vikette Volleyball team won a District XI AAA Championship for the 4th year in a row!

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