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Are you seeking the Truth? 

Do you have a lot of questions or doubts about the Catholic faith? 

Do you want to learn more about the Catholic faith?


Great Catholic Websites to Have at Your Disposal

These excellent websites are reliable sources of information about the Catholic Church and Her teachings, doctrines, practices, history, and identity. All of these websites are faithful to the Church and Her Magisterium (official teaching authority). For any questions, doubts, or concerns you may have about the Church or some aspect of Her teachings or practices, please consult these websites with an open mind and heart. They hopefully may answer many, if not all of your questions. Of course, this list is non-exhaustive and there are many other resources that may be helpful to you. Also, sometimes an online answer isn't enough, so in that sense, never hesitate to contact Fr. Isaac at if you have any questions about the Catholic faith and would like to meet in person or speak over the phone. Again, there are probably many other Catholic websites and online resources that may be helpful in terms of catechesis (education in the Catholic faith) and so this list is non-exhaustive:


This list has been compiled by Fr. Stephan Isaac of the Diocese of Allentown, PA – Updated 12/20/23

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