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Before 9:00AM, please call 610-437-4601, ext. 102 to report a student’s lateness to school. When he/she arrives at school, he/she must report to the Attendance Office prior to 11:00AM and the Main Office after 11:00AM with the orange late arrival form. If a bus is late due to traffic and/or weather conditions, students must report to the Attendance Office upon arrival.



It is preferred that the official Early Dismissal Request form be presented to the Vice Principal one day in advance of the appointment. Use the forms sent home at the start of school; extra forms are available in the Main Office. When this is not possible, the Early Dismissal Request form must be presented to the Vice Principal prior to the start of homeroom the day of the appointment. The request must be made in writing, not via the telephone. The student will then be given an Appointment Verification Form—this form states the time the student is to be excused from class. All early dismissal requests will be verified with a phone call to a parent and/or guardian. Please refer to specific directives in the student handbook.



A student who has been absent from school is not eligible to participate in any extra-curricular activity, game, or practice held on that day. 

In addition, any student who arrives at school after 11:00am is considered absent for the day. Students must arrive at school no later than 9:30am 

to be eligible to participate in extracurricular activities, games or practices, except with a doctor's note. Any student who leaves school before

12:00 noon is considered absent and is ineligible on that day. If a student leaves for an appointment during the school day and returns to school later that day and the total time in the building is less than four hours, the student is considered absent and is not eligible to participate in any

extra-curricular activities, games, or practice on that day. In the event of a student’s absence, a parent or guardian must contact the school at

610-437-4601 ext. 3. To report a lateness please contact 610-437-4601 ext. 102.



When early dismissal is required, ACCHS will use the Sapphire system. Please know the busing will follow each school district’s time frame. Drivers of their personal automobile will be dismissed with the first busing departure time.

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