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ACCHS Feasibility Study

This is an exciting time for Allentown Central Catholic High School. As we approach our Centennial Anniversary in 2026, we are preparing to launch an important effort to address much needed projects to improve our facilities, enhance the student experience, and provide funding to secure the future of our school. 

These projects include:

  • Athletic Facilities Complex

  • Academic Excellence Funding and Endowment

  • Campus Upgrades, Improvements and Renovations

  • Transportation Additions

In the coming weeks, we will begin a feasibility study that will assist us in determining how to move forward. To conduct our feasibility study, we have retained the services of Ruotolo Associates Inc. of Englewood Cliffs, NJ, a national firm with over 45 years of experience working with Catholic schools like ours. 


The study will assist us in determining the best plan of action to proceed with the proposed plans for our school. Every member of the school community will have an opportunity to participate in the feasibility study.  Ruotolo Associates will be conducting personal interviews, a focus group, and an online survey.  I encourage everyone to participate when called upon – your opinions are very important to us as we look to the future. A high participation rate is extremely important.


Throughout the course of this campaign, we will be sure to provide updates regarding the progress of the feasibility study.


Below is a listing of frequently asked questions about the study. We hope this information helps you to understand our timetable and methodology.  


We look forward to hearing your ideas about our school. Thank you.

  1. What is a feasibility study? A feasibility study is a thorough and detailed assessment of a school community’s willingness and capacity to move forward with a capital fundraising endeavor.

  2. Why do we need a feasibility study? It is imperative for any school that wishes to have a capital campaign to raise funds for major capital projects to conduct a feasibility study to determine if the alumni, school families, and greater community are willing and able to support it.  The final report will be used to validate the proposed projects and legitimize the effort amongst our school community.  

  3. What types of questions are asked? Ultimately, the feasibility study tells us who we are as a community.  Topics will include the strengths and weaknesses of the school and its leadership, receptivity toward the proposed projects, willingness to make a pledge commitment and willingness to volunteer for the campaign. 

  4. Who participates in the feasibility study? EVERY family will be given a chance to participate.  Some families will be asked to participate in one-on-one interviews or focus groups and ALL families will be asked to complete a brief electronic survey this fall.

  5. Why are some families asked to interview? Individuals/Families that have been involved with the school for a long period of time or are good volunteers are asked to interview because they are generally able to provide thorough and detailed information about school history, current school issues, and are usually able to properly evaluate necessary leadership potential in a capital campaign.

  6. Who is conducting the feasibility study? Ruotolo Associates, a philanthropic consulting firm based in Englewood Cliffs, NJ, with over 45 years of experience working with Catholic organizations has been retained to conduct the study. We determined that Ruotolo Associates’ methodology best matched the needs of our school community.

  7. How long will the feasibility study take, and will we see the results? The feasibility study will be conducted during June and July.  After the final report is presented, we will publish the results on our website and provide an update on the status of the capital campaign.

Please contact Dennis Csensits at with any questions.

ACCHS Statement of Need Final
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