Since 2010, The Central City Project (CCP) is Allentown Central Catholic High School’s commitment to the City of Allentown. For 90 years, ACCHS has had a vibrant Christian presence in Center City Allentown. As demographics have changed, a majority of ACCHS students no longer hail from the immediate community surrounding the school. The CCP is an opportunity for students from communities outside the city to interact with the local neighborhood’s people, institutions, and events.

One of CCP's most successful projects is the student maintained Amy Sullivan Memorial 

Garden. Now in its fourth year, urban garden allows students to be a part of all phases of

growing: from planting seeds and tending to growing plants in the school library, to

transplanting into the garden in May. During the summer months, students weed, water,

stake, and harvest the produce. Vegetables from the garden is given to Food pantries in

Allentown. They are also used to make Viking Salsa which is sold to raise funds for other

social projects.  


The CCP desires to integrate the curriculum of the high school with hands-on learning. 
Specific projects augment the education taking place in the classroom. 
This is accomplished in four distinct ways:


1)    Through involvement in the Arts and Cultural opportunities that the city offers
2)    Through mentoring both Catholic and public Elementary School Students
3)    Through engagement in various aspects of Social Outreach with the local residents
4)    Through improving the internal and physical well being of ACCHS itself

ACCHS students, teachers, and staff help local middle school students evolve into tomorrow's leaders and entrepreneurs. The Central City Project partnered

with Community Action Lehigh Valley (CALV) to

provide an educational and inspiring opportunity.

ACCHS "Urban Garden Project"
The Seeds Of An Idea
The Morning Call, May 23, 2011

ACCHS "Youth Summit"
Students Speak To Those In Power
The Morning Call, June 3, 2011

ACCHS "Wednesday Night Dinners"

ACCHS Students Host a "Community Dinner" for Needy
69 WFMZ-TV News, April 25, 2012


  • Continue to collaborate with Symphony Hall; especially with children performances

  • Collaborate with the education department at the Allentown Art Museum and America On Wheels Museum

  • Establish a relationship with the Lehigh Valley Historical Society, located on 4th Street and the Liberty Bell Shrine on Hamilton Street

  • Establish a Big Brothers Big Sisters mentoring program with students from Sacred Heart Regional School

  • Assist with establishing a "Youth Council" (an established Allentown city youth group) based at ACCHS for students from Sacred Heart, Sheridan, Harrison Morton, and Central elementary schools  

  • Continue the "Wednesday Community Dinners", "Snack and Shops" and "street outreaches"

  • Continue the on-going urban garden project



Over the course of a four-year career at Central Catholic, each student will ultimately participate in all four areas of community interaction, potentially amassing over 80 hours of service to and interaction with the City of Allentown.

For more information on The Central City Project, please contact Pat Markham,
the Coordinator, at pmarkham@acchs.info